Welcome to our Online Store!

The Wire to Weave - TMKD Canada website has been designed to showcase the products we bring to you at conventions across Ontario, now available online.

Wire To Weave has been crafting in chainmaille since 2003.  In that time we've tried our hands at every conceivable type of chainmaille art form including armour, jewelry, sculpture and even toys. 

Other interests and activities have now taken priority however, and we find ourselves with limited time to make chainmaille.  We are therefore putting many of our supplies up on the website for sale, and will be concentrating on only making specific custom orders and pieces that we find interesting for relaxation and enjoyment.  From time to time we may put these items up for sale on the website, as they are completed.

Gryphon PuppetStarting in 2009 TMKD - Canada began carrying a line of fantasy puppets created by The Midsummer Knight's Dream who had been selling them all across the United States.  I'm proud to say we are the official Canadian distributors of these wonderful toys. 

We are now exhibiting these creations at a number of festivals across Canada so please check out our scheduled events page to the left to see if/when we'll be near you.  Also you can check them out in our catalogue; we have many in stock ... and if we don't have what you want in stock, then fill out a custom order and design your own.

40KFOC is our newest venture into 2D laser cutting and etching.  Starting with our expandable paint station we hope to add a number of future products that assist modelers, games masters, players and others enjoy their hobbies just a little bit more. 


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